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Episode Guide
Get synopsis, guest stars, air date and more info on each Three's Company episode in the series. Even includes the spinoffs "The Ropers" and "Three's a Crowd."

Sound Clips
A collection of Three's Company sound clips hand-picked by yours' truly. Even a random sound clip player, in case you can't decide.

Sounds Jack Makes
A good part of John Ritter's (Jack Tripper's) physical comedy includes quips and outbursts. Hear some of the sounds jack makes.

DVDs, Books and More
Three's Company is on DVD. There is a book on Three's Company and all of the stars have movies and other TV series. Track the progress of the release of the Three's Company seasons on DVD and see what the stars of the show have to offer on the DVDs, Books and More page.

Other Three's Company Sites
There are a whole host of other Three's Company sites on the web. A few have been around longer than my site! See the comprehensive list.

Three's Company Complex
A long time proprietor of a Three's Company fan site. Lots of original content and worth a look. Cast info has date of birth and, if applicable, death and the number of season each actor was part of the cast. A few videos and animations. And a Three's Company mIRC program!
Author: Unknown
Established: November 30th, 1999

Web Site:

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Personal Pages

* new * Three's Company Complex
A new site, has a lot of cool stuff, including pictures, sound clips, news and other downloadables. Worth a look!

Three's Company Official Network
This is soon to be the home of the official Three's Company home page. There's not much here right now, but they claim they will be open April 1, 2000.

Jack's Bistro
Pavanbadal has an extensive site, with pictures and sound clips, historical Neilsen ratings for the show, links, news and more. If that weren't enough, PB is also the owner and moderator of the Three's Company list server, where Three's Company fans can chat via e-mail about the show and what the actors are doing now. 

Mike Chiu's Three's Company Page 
This was the first Three's Company site I found and one of the few substantial ones left. Includes trivia, animated scenes, pictures, cast list w/pics. and "The Regal Beagle Corner" (sound clips). 

TC Supersite 
Keeper of tons of Three's Company info including a complete history of the show, bloopers, a newsletter you can either subscribe to or read on his site and just lots more stuff. If you want nitty gritty on Three's Company, Three's at DJ's is serving it up! 

Apartment 201
Three's Company from an Italian perspective! Polls, trivia and picture and sound gallery. Lots of cool pictures here with thumbnails.

Three's Company Lives
Gordo has bio's on each of the characters in the show, including little known facts about them. There's also pictures and an introduction to the show for the uninitiated. Good site, the little known facts are great!

My (Jeff Bedier) Three's Company Page 
Not very much here as of yet. For the most part, just a few pictures. I guess this one is more of a "wait and see" site. But your web tour of Three's Company page wouldn't be complete without a visit. 

Deanna's Three's Company Page
A small page on Deanna's personal web site. Here you'll find pics of each of the main cast members and the dates they appear on the show.

Channel Six's Three's Company Page 
Nothing here but two pictures. And he thinks he's the only Three's Company page on the web! Not anymore!



Pages that Disappeared...
shortly after I got a letter from the Three's Company lawyers

Three's Company Online 
Commandment #1, Thou shalt not use Three's Company in thy domain name (this site's address is
Commandment #2, Thou must use thy name in the title if thou uses Three's Company in the title
Commandment #3, Thou shalt display a copyright disclaimer
Commandment #5, Thou shalt not make available video of any kind
Commandment #6, Thou shalt not make available audio clips longer than 15 seconds

A very comprehensive site. Well laid out with high quality pictures everywhere. Really just an all around great site. Attractions include pictures, sound clips, cast list with pictures (including guest stars), and now even a chat room. 


Three's Company Desktop Theme 
Commandment #3, Thou shalt display a copyright disclaimer
Commandment #6, Thou shalt not make available audio clips longer than 15 seconds

The really cool and on and only Three's Company Desktop Theme by Ron Traino, Jr. Turn your desktop icons into the faces from Three's Company. Make all of your sound events (such as Windows startup, the "you did something bad" sound, etc) play appropriate clips from Three's Company. This is made for Windows '95 and is really simple to set up if you have the Plus Pack. I'm sure you clever MAC or Win 3.1 users can at least incorporate the sound clips into your environment. 



Internet Entertainment Databases

Sitcoms Online
Vital statistics on the show. Some Three's Company merchandise. They also have an entry for The Ropers and Three's a Crowd.

Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
Yes, Three's Company is in a movie database. Who would have thought? You'll find The Ropers and Three's a Crowd here too. But there's more, it also claims there was another series by the name of Three's Company in 1950 and a movie made in 1913 called Two's Company, Three's a Crowd





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