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February 27th, 2006

I read with sorrow that Don Knotts, the Ralph Furley to Three's Company, the Barney Fife to the Andy Griffith Show, has died at 81. Don Knotts career spanned 60 years and started before I was born.

Our thoughts go out to him and his family. The LA Times has an obituary saying "longtime friend Griffith was one of his last visitors on Friday night." I haven't found any quotes yet from the Three's Company cast and crew. The official Don Knotts web site has a guestbook to share your sentiments.

With the final season of Three's Company on DVD getting close, I hope they will include a tribute to Don and all of the cast who is no longer with us. A final time capsule of the show and its cast, 30 years after the show's premiere.


September 2005

Lots has happened in the world of Three's Company since I last updated my page. Several cast members have passed on. Norman Fell (Stanley Roper) and Audrey Lindley (Helen Roper) have left us.

And, tragically, John Ritter (Jack Tripper) died of an undiagnosed heart ailment September 11th, 2003 on the set of "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter." He was only 54 years old. The date is eerie for a few reasons. First, and most apparent, is his death coincided with the second anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Second, is that his 55th birthday was only 6 days away, September 17th. Third, September 11th is the birthday of one of his daughters, Stella Ritter, who was only 5 years old at the time. John Ritter will be dearly missed not just by Three's Company fans, but by all of the people whose lives he touched.

Speaking of 8 Simple Rules, this series came to life since my last update and has been a modest success. It continued two years after the loss of its start John Ritter. The final season has just completed and ABC announced on May 17th, 2005 that it will not be returning next season.

And finally, to the joy of Three's Company fans everywhere, the Three's Company series is available on DVD! As of this writing, Season 5 is due out in one month. I have created a guide to track the progress of the release of the DVD seasons. They have been releasing one DVD season about every six months. I will maintain estimates of when upcoming DVD seasons will be released in the Three's Company DVD section.

Well, I think we're up to date on Three's Company news. If I missed anything, just let me know, I love to hear from other Three's Company fans. See you next update!


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Episode Guides  Airing Order Guide 
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Sound Clips
Putting up Shelves 
A classic scene where Mr. Roper, out of envy over Jack's lifestyle, explains the challenges of marriage.  
  Mr. Roper on Facial Care 
After seeing zucchinis over Mrs. Ropers' eyes, Stanley gives his opinion of the treatment's effectiveness.  
  Chrissy: Lady of the Night 
Chrissy is mistaken for a hooker at a bar by an undercover vice detective. Now she is being consoled by her roommates. 
  Mr. Roper and the Other Woman 
Mr. Roper is selling the apartment building, but tells the kids only that he has a suprise that he is going to spring later that night. The clues he gave them led the three to believe that he is going to leave Helen. This clip is near the end, just before all the confusion is straightened out. 
  Family Values 
A glimpse into the life of Bart Furley, Ralph's brother. Here we get an indicator of his level of compassion.  
  Larry Lectures Jack 
Jack left without saying goodbye at the singles bar. Larry lectures him on the merits of sticking it out.  
  A Misunderstanding Settled in Record Time 
One of their trademark misunderstandings. This time they settled the confusion more easily than usual. It must be because Chrissy wasn't involved. 
  Jack Learns About Women 
After Jack catches Janet contradicting herself, she gives him a lesson on women. Later, he attempts to spread his knowledge. 
  Chrissy's Father Visits 
Chrissy is worried because her father, a priest, is coming to visit the apartment and doesn't know about Jack living with her and Janet. 
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