Announcing Grover Beach's Newest Resident:

The Dignified Photo



A New Arrival
The new kitty arrived on the morning of December 5th at 1:30am! Born on October 9th, she was just shy of 8 weeks old when we took her home. She's lots of fun and only stops playing to rest on my shoulders!



Basil on Video

There are more Videos to come!
Click on the picture to experience Basil in motion.



Here are some pictures of Basil. You can see the large version by clicking on the picture. To save a picture, right-click on it and select "Save Picture As..." from the menu.



This Year's Christmas Postcard



Jeff Wakes Up to Meet Basil at 1:30am



"I'm Awake Now, where are your going?"



Basil Does Some Exploring



What a Tiny Head!



She Loves Ping Pong Balls



It's Time to Play!



It's Hard to Take Pictures When
She Thinks the Camera is a Toy!



Show Off That Chest!



More Play



Getting Tired



8 Weeks and Already On the Internet!



Basil Loves to Rest on Your Shoulders



"Can I Sleep Here Tonight?"



Come Back Soon!
So there's the preview of the new little critter. (Who is attacking my fingers as I type!) And if you haven't already, we hope you'll come by and see her in person! Or maybe we'll come see you once she's more comfortable riding in cars.


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